Dec 10 2020 - Dec 13 2020
In coincidence and in collaboration with Maker Faire – The European Edition 2020, there will be the second edition of the Italian conference on Robotics and Intelligent Machines, dedicated to the dissemination of the excellence of Italian research, to let those who develop products and applications know the possibilities offered by the latest results. I-RIM will be presented to the public in a big three-days digital event. qbrobotics is one main sponsor of the event.

European Robotics Forum 2020 - Malaga, Spain

Mar 03 2020 - Mar 05 2020
The European Robotics Forum, the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held in Malaga, Spain, on 3-5 March 2020, at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga (FYCMA). Over 1000 European robotics top experts are expected to attend the 11th edition of the conference. qbrobotics will be present with a booth (stand #19) and will participate in the pitch session of the Technology Transfer Award 2020 as one of the finalist company presenting the best technology transfer in robotics realized in the last period in the European Union.


THING – subTerranean Haptic INvestiGator

Aug 30 2021
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 780883. Compared with wheels, legs can provide superior mobility and agility: scaling obstacles, leveraging the environment adapting to the condition of terrain and executing dynamic manoeuvres. Thanks to legs is possible to adapt to the condition of terrain to jump or scale obstacles. However, suchadvanced mobility requires advanced perception.For a such kind of movement robot should know the geometry of the environment (i.e. where it can place its feet), but critically, the robot needs awareness of its physical properties (e.g. friction of a wet slope, compliance of soft dirt, stability of a rock formation), in order to decide where and howit ought to place its feet. Since it’s kick-off, THING aims to advance the perceptual capabilities of highly mobile legged platforms through haptic perception and active exploration.In this light, THING developed: Novel foot designs for enhanced tactile perception and locomotion,Improved perceptual capability, enriching existing modalities (lidar, vision) with haptic information,Heightened physical sense of the environment, including friction, ground stability (difficult through vision alone), andEnhanced mobility through improved perception, prediction, and control. The scientific objective of this project is to create a new technology able to meet the requirements of the public sector as well as those of private industry, especially the mining and and inspection domains. (In the picture: self-adaptive robotic foot equipped with IMU sensors for posture reconstruction).

qb SoftClaw and UR+

Jul 09 2021
qb SoftClaw and UR+: nothing else matters! qb SoftClaw: the new end effector developed by qbrobotics for the UR+ ecosystem. The driving force behind the qb SoftClaw is the patented VSA (Variable Stiffness Actuator) technology that it makes the device capable of adapting the grasping force to the object. Now this is perfectly integrated into the URCaps. Connect qb SoftClaw, switch on your UR, select soft, medium or hard and discover a new and innovative way of working. More information on the Universal Robots website ☞


Partnerships and References

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