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Welcome to the MechaLogical era

We design end effectors with the MechaLogic: their mechanic heart makes them intelligent. I mean that our end effectors need only to know if they have to apply a soft or a strong grip and then they are able to pick whatever you want without problems and without damaging the object.

No demanding programming or complex electronics are required to use a qb SoftEffector.

Like a human hand, ours is able to adapt itself to the shape and texture of the object it’s picking, and it doesn’t need to approach it in a “specific” way for being well performing. Thanks to the variable Mechanical stiffness, any qbrobotics end-effector automatically adjusts to pick a rose or an iron sphere. You just have only to tell him to be soft or strong because our device is Logical.

With the qbmove project we introduced MechaLogic

The qbmove is VSAs designed to be modular and user friendly and it represents the main source of motion for every Mechalogical end effector.

The output shaft is able to adapt the mechanical stiffness of the shaft itself, like the natural musculoskeletal systems.

In the qbmove, like a pair of muscles acting on a natural joint, two motors connected to the output shaft mechanically implement the antagonistic principle.

You have two pulleys rotate in opposite directions, so the nonlinear springs are loaded, and this results in a change in their working point and thus in a different stiffness. Since the two transmission systems have the same characteristics, this movement does not change the output-shaft equilibrium position in the absence of an external load. Conversely, pulley rotations in the same direction move the output-shaft equilibrium with no load.

The resulting behavior is in accord with the well-known equilibrium point hypothesis, one of the main theories behind the generation of human movement.

MechaLogical TM is a Registered TradeMark