SoftHandler project

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SoftHandler project has been selected for a publication in the ‘Results in Brief’ section of the European Commission’s CORDIS website.

CORDIS provides this kind of publications as part of the European Commission’s strategy on the dissemination and exploitation of research results.

In this article it’s quite well described our approach to the soft-robotics. Prof. A. Bicchi (IIT – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) perfectly describes when and how the approach to the robotics changed.

Now, thanks to the soft-robotics many kinds of non-standardized tasks are perfectly turnaround by robots.

“For many years, people in the community tried to design hands that were able to approximate what a human hand could do,” says Bicchi. “Notwithstanding, we had very few if any artificial hands that were used in the real world, either in industrial applications or in prosthetics.”….. The soft manipulators are also more robust than complex mechanical grippers. “We proved it is possible to manipulate objects much faster with our method,” says Bicchi…

Those are some of Prof. Bicchi’s words who ends the interview speaking about the support by the European Research Council saying: “This was absolutely crucial, and gave me the freedom to venture in a new direction, very different from what most other groups were doing, and from what we had done for 20 years,”