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qbrobotics is an Italian company founded in 2011 as a research and development company active in the robotics field as producer of innovative devices implementing the soft-robotics technology such as robotic hands, grippers for robots and cobots, handles, Robot KIT and VSA actuators.

The company is based in Tuscany in the Robotics and Technology Cluster of Pisa (Polo Tecnologico di Navacchio) and thanks to its international distribution network is able to operate internationally.

The organization structure evolved fast during the last three years, reaching 10 employees in 2020: the entire team can boast a high-level CV and top background in their field with solid primary background in robotics: from the technical and R&D side, all people are coming from the IIT – Italian Institute of Technology and from the University of Pisa (Research Center “E. Piaggio”) of which qbrobotics is a spin-off.

Each business process is implemented internally: from research, development and testing to hardware design and software programming to the production and assembly process.


The constant search for innovation in the field of robotics and automation has led qbrobotics to internalize all the production processes and to create its own robotics laboratory – qblab – where the testing phase is carried out and where the new product lines are developed.

The company has now four different research business units that are divided considering the peculiarity of the destination market:

    • Biomedical & Prosthetics

qbrobotics is producing an anthropomorphic artificial hand that is used for prosthetic and rehabilitation activities by research institutes.

    • Service robotics

qbrobotics is a provider of robot hands to private companies and robotics laboratories producing and commercializing humanoid robots.

    • Educational & Research

In this field, qbrobotics provides two products (the modular actuator VSA and a robotic hand – qb SoftHand Research) to research institutes, universities, schools and R&D departments of private and public companies.

    • Industrial Robotics & Automation

qbrobotics started a fourth industrial business unit at the beginning of 2018 to propose industrialized versions of the qb SoftHand to users that currently employ collaborative robots in their production and testing lines.

qbrobotics has grown to successfully consolidate its position in the soft-robotics field and the company can boasts collaborations with: multinational companies in the field of robotics, collaborative robotics and industrial automation, biomedical research institutes, universities and robotics departments worldwide.



Our Vision is to foster innovation and drive the diffusion of technologies that will propel the next generation of robots. The ever-increasing involvement of robots in human life will require a new level of motor control technologies to create machines that are safe and strong enough to interact with humans.


Our Mission is to implement the technologies that will revolutionize the way robots move and to produce accessible and safe robots developing the research in the soft-robotics field and translate it into marketable devices for research, industry and consumers.


Scientific research is the driving force behind the philosophy of qbroboticsAn open and accessible knowledge is the basis of the development of everyday life.


Fabio Bonomo

Fabio Bonomo is an Engineer specialized in robotics and automation with a master in Computer Science, he is co-founder and CEO at qbrobotics® where he manages a group skilled and specialized in the development of soft-robotics technology devices.
As expert in collaborative robotics he is chief in charge of the research and development of collaborative grippers, robotic hands and actuators VSA (Variable Stiffness Actuators).
His main interests are related to the electronic system of devices and especially in embedded systems. He focuses his activity in the sector of human-robot interaction, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence considering the general vision to foster innovation and drive the diffusion of technologies that will propel the next generation of robots.

Serena Baroni

Serena Baroni is an economist, graduated from the University of Pisa in Business Administration, General Management.
She is an Administrative Assistant at qbrobotics®.

Alberto Brando

Alberto Brando has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Pisa.
He is Production Manager and Quality Assurance at qbrobotics®.
He has expertise in mechanical design and manufacturing processes, from traditional/CNC machining to rapid prototyping techniques.
Alberto was the responsible, for the mechanical design and production, of the Pisa/IIT SoftHand.

Samuele Batazzi

Samuele Batazzi is a mechanical technician of qbrobotics® who deals with the assembly and assembly of mechanical / robotic components and actuators and more, he also deals with testing and their ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Riccardo Persichini

Riccardo Persichini is an Engineer with a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is Mechanical Engineer at qbrobotics®. He has an excellent knowledge in mechanical design and production processes. Riccardo has had a foundamental role in mechanical design of the qbmove and he is currently involved in R&D.

Umberto Fontana

Umberto Fontana is an Engineer with a Master degree in Robotics and Automation. He is Software developer at qbrobotics®.

Giuliano Dami

Giuliano Dami has a master’s degree in Robotics and Automation Engineering at the University of Pisa. He held the role of Software and System Engineer in the field of industrial automation, later he was a researcher for the Centro E. Piaggio working on European projects. For qbrobotics® he holds the role of Software Developer and Robotic Engineer.

Tommaso Gualtieri

Tommaso Gualtieri has a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Pisa. In the last fifteen years he has held top management positions in small, medium and large companies. Specialized in business development and management of foreign markets, in addition to the role of General Manager for qbrobotics® he is leading Marketing and Sales.



Amedeo De Seta

Amedeo De Seta is an Engineer with a Master degree in Electronic Engineering. He is an Electronic Firmware Engineer at qbrobotics®.

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