Company & Team

 is an Italian Company founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the University of Pisa – Research Center “E. Piaggio” and the IIT – Italian Institute of Technology that produce innovative devices implementing the soft-robotics technology as robotic hands, grippers, handles, delta robots and VSA actuators.

These products implement the natural principles of motion control, the same principle behind the muscular system of animals and the natural human movement, in order to create robots that are smooth and safe when interacting with humans.

The company operates from the headquarters located in Pisa, Navacchio Technological and Robotics Cluster, where the founders together with the team of employees collaborate in the implementation of every business process: from research, development and testing to the implementation of hardware and software to the marketing of products.

The constant search for innovation in the field of robotics and automation has led qbrobotics to internalize all the production processes and to create its own laboratory – qblab – where the testing phase is carried out and where the new product lines are developed.

There are three industrial sectors in which qbrobotics operates:

  • Service Robotics;
  • Industrial Robotics and Automation;
  • Biomedical and Prosthetic.

qbrobotics has grown to successfully consolidate its position in the soft-robotics field and the company can boasts collaborations with: multinational companies in the field of robotics and industrial automation, biomedical research institutes, universities and robotics departments worldwide.


Our Vision is to foster innovation and drive the diffusion of technologies that will propel the next generation of robots. The ever-increasing involvement of robots in human life will require a new level of motor control technologies to create machines that are safe and strong enough to interact with humans.


Our Mission is to implement the technologies that will revolutionize the way robots move as to produce accessible and safe robots using natural motor and impedance control through postural and motion synergies.


Scientific research is the driving force behind the philosophy of qbrobotics.

An open and accessible knowledge is the basis of the development of everyday life.


Fabio Bonomo

CEO & Electronics Designer

Graziana Patané

Administrative Assistant

Alberto Brando

Mechanical Designer

Samuele Batazzi

Assembly & Quality Supervisor

Alessandro Raugi

Software Developer

Federico Baiamonte

Sales & Marketing Manager

Alessandro Tondo

Software Architect

Riccardo Persichini

Mechanical Designer

Matteo Rossi