Daedalus – Distributed control and simulAtion platform to support an Ecosystem of DigitAL aUtomation developerS


Daedalus is conceived to enable the full exploitation of the CPS concept of virtualized intelligence, through the adoption of a completely distributed automation platform based on IEC-61499 standard, fostering the creation of a Digital Ecosystem that could go beyond the current limits of manufacturing control systems and propose an ever-growing market of innovative solutions for the design, engineering, production and maintenance of plants’ automation.

The following objectives will be reached:

  • Ease the conception, development and distribution of intelligence into CPS for real-time execution of orchestrated manufacturing tasks;
  • Foster interoperability of CPS from different vendors at orchestration-level (= “between CPS”);
  • Simplify the design, implementation and integration of optimal coordinating control intelligence of CPS;
  • Enable near-real-time co-simulation of manufacturing systems as a fully integrated “service” of a CPS;
  • Create a Digital Marketplace to simplify the matchmaking between offer and demand within the Ecosystem;
  • Conceive a multi-sided business model for the Automation Ecosystem and the corresponding business plans for its Complementors;
  • Foster the widespread acceptance of the Ecosystem platform to guarantee success and impact of Daedalus multi-sided market.

The project approach is based on 3 technological pillars, one platform pillar and a final ecosystem pillar:

  1. IEC61499-based reconfigurable automation platform for distributed orchestration of interoperable CPS;
  2. “Simulation-as-a-service” for integrated near-real-time co-simulation of CPS behavioural models;
  3. Advanced SDKs for simplified design of hierarchically distributed optimal control applications;
  4. Digital Marketplace for the creation of an interdependent ecosystem of automation solutions providers;
  5. Proof-of-concept showcases to accelerate the involvement of “complementors” and the maturation of the Ecosystem.