Interview on ICI Television


qbrobotics  was a guest of ICI Television in the episode of “Vivere bene, Vivere all’Italiana“, with Silvana Di Flavio and Nick De Vincenzo, created in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Montreal.
During the interview the CEO of qbrobotics, Fabio Bonomo, talks about the fields in which qbrobotics works, what are the distinctive features of its products and which sectors it addresses.
In the final question: “What does it mean for you to live well, to live in the Italian style?”, Fabio Bonomo replies that, according to his point of view, it means knowing how to combine ingenuity, innovation, art and technology.
Typical Italian characteristics, which are also reflected in the values ​​of qbrobotics, a company with totally “Made in Italy” products.

To see the full interview: