Premio Innovazione 2019


qbrobotics has been awarded by the Pisa Chamber of Commerce with the “Innovation Award 2019”, recognition reserved for local businesses that have innovated processes, products or new business formulas. The awarded project is the one that led to the development of the collaborative robotic hand “qb SoftHand Industry”.

The selection was made by a technical committee, composed by the president of the Chamber of Commerce and representatives of the academic world, the economy and innovation experts and led to the recognition of the activity that qbrobotics has carried out in recent years. The contribution provided by the company to the development of the territory is based on highly innovative processes, necessary to compete on increasingly globalized markets and ensure business success.

The reasons that led to the recognition were read during the award ceremony held on January 31, 2020 at the Pisa Chamber of Commerce by the President Dr. Tamburini and the General Manager Dr. Martelli:

The company was awarded for developing and marketing the ‘qb SoftHand‘ product line, transforming its business model from a research and development company to a production company. The qs SoftHand products, derived from the study of the principles of human motor control, tend to replicate the movement of the human hand thanks to a tendon system operated by a single motor. The robotic hands of QB are used in various sectors, from applications in ‘Industry 4.0’ production to use in the areas of scientific research and the educational sector

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