qbmove Advanced

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The qbmove is a single actuator, proposed in its Advanced version and sold in Robotic KIT that allow different assembly configurations (4 and 6 DOFs robotic arms, snake, hexapod, delta and humanoid).  qb actuators are based on Variable Stiffness Actuation and present a wealth of potential uses due to their naturalness of motion, energy efficiency, speed, robustness and task adaptability.

The qbmove is the first affordable, muscle-like building block for constructing soft robots. qb actuator is small, lightweight and unique in its ability to endow robots with natural motion, a radical contrast to the traditional rigid and mechanical motion of robots built with common servo-mechanisms. qbrobotics VSA, whose operation is similar to a pair of muscles, have the shape of cubes to facilitate modular assembly based on the needs of the end user.

The qbmove Advanced represents the best of the state of the art of the VSA actuators and is proposed for the educational robotics and STEM sector to research institutes, universities and schools.


  • USB & RS485 communication
  • Injection moulding nylon case
  • Nominal torque 5.5 Nm
  • Nominal speed 5.5 rad/s
  • Nominal Voltage 24V
  • Variable stiffness range [0.5 – 83.5] Nm/rad
  • Active Rotation Angle +/- 180°
  • ROS compatible
  • Weight 0,45Kg
  • Dimensions 66x66x66mm