qbmove Advanced KIT Base

The qbmove Advanced is an actuator based on VSA (Variable Stiffness Actuation) principles and has a wide range of potential uses due to its natural motion, energy efficiency, speed, robustness and adaptability.

Based four modular VSA actuators, the Kit Base represents a fantastic qbeducational tool for approaching robotics and MechaLogical.

Thanks to the qbmove Advanced KIT Base it is possible to learn the principles that govern the very fast delta robots typically used in pick and place activities and, at the same time, see what MechaLogical means in terms of naturalness and stiffness of movements, in stark contrast to the rigid and mechanical movement of robots built with traditional servo mechanisms. The optimization of energy or speed can be achieved by alternating soft and rigid settings. The many possible combinations can be applied to very complex tasks such as grasping or throwing objects, hammering, drawing and so on.

To make the experience of using the qbmove Advanced KIT Base even more enjoyable, an application with multiple functions and preset uses has been created to make learning quicker. Naturally, as this product is also intended for the world of research, it is also fully programmable to obtain any type of response.

Kit includes