SoftHandler – Commercial feasibility of an integrated soft robotic system for industrial handling


“Picking and placing objects that are orderly presented to a robot is a task that can be easily performed by current robots. However, grasping and manipulating objects randomly placed in an unstructured environment remains one of the hardest challenges for robots. Examples of complex picking industrial applications include (i) bin picking for part feeding, (ii) raw food handling and (iii) waste sorting for recycling. Within the “”SoftHandler”” ERC Proof of Concept project, we propose to develop new industrial-grade systems, comprised of end-effectors based on the “”SoftHands”” technology, integrated with a novel manipulator, for automated picking and placing of objects of heterogeneous dimension, shape, weight, position and strength. The Proof of Concept project will be focused on building a commercially viable prototype, and demonstrating it in real-world scenarios.