THE – Tuscany Health Ecosystem


THE – Tuscany Health Ecosystem, an aggregation of scientific and technological competences and research infrastructures in the Life Sciences sector, is one of the 11 innovation ecosystems nationally funded under the PNRR, the only one dedicated to Life Sciences.

THE is the result of a project proposal submitted by the University of Florence, in its capacity as lead partner, in line with one of the Tuscany Region’s strategic lines relating to life sciences.
A total of 22 subjects will participate in the THE ecosystem: 7 universities, 6 public bodies and public research organisations, 9 companies or private subjects. THE’s activities will be divided into different sectors or research nodes (spoke).

The main objective of the project is to stimulate, support the growth and consolidation of the life sciences ecosystem in Tuscany, in coherence with the strategic and intelligent specialisation (RIS3) lines of the territory, through a multidisciplinary approach and high-level specialised skills. THE intends to respond to the sector’s innovation and training needs, enabling the consolidation of the regional ecosystem and strengthening its competitiveness on a regional, national and global scale.
The ecosystem will address different topics and in a multidisciplinary way, in particular qbrobotics at the spoke Robotics and automation for health.

The publication was realised with co-funding from the European Union – Next Generation EU through project ECS000017 ‘Ecosystem of Innovation’ Tuscany Health Ecosystem (THE, PNRR, Spoke 9: Robotics and Automation for Health).