Quality Policy


The quality policy of qbrobotics, before being a working methodology, is based on transmitting a mindset.
The attention to quality is aimed not only at Customer satisfaction, but also at a deep respect for the person and their skills, in the belief that work is dignified as long as it is a qualifying dimension of human experience.
Within company directives, Quality is considered as a crucial element for products/services implemented.
This Quality policy is pursued and is kept as a constant point of reference for all the actions.
Among the possible ways for achieving and maintaining a high level, qbrobotics has established to equip the company with a Quality Management System (QMS) in compliant with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and adequate for achieving the goals.

Based on this, the principles defined as references of the Quality Policy are:

Attention focused on the Customer and interested parties

qbrobotics is committed to understanding Customer needs and plans its activities to fully satisfy them. In the same way it operates in compliance with requests and requirements:

  • of the reference market;
  • of the Country in which it operates, complying with laws and regulations;
  • of all the parties involved in their critical processes.

Process approach

qbrobotics identifies the various processes of its organization as processes to be planned, monitored and constantly improved and activates the resources for their implementation in the best possible way. qbrobotics manages its own processes to make unique:

  • pursued objectives and expected results;
  • related responsibilities and resources used.


qbrobotics is responsible for the effectiveness of its own QMS, making available all the necessary resources and making sure that the planned objectives are compatible with the context and strategic directions. qbrobotics communicates the importance of QMS and actively involves all parties involved coordinating and supporting them.

Risk and opportunity assessment

qbrobotics plans its processes with a risk-based thinking approach, in order to implement the best suitable actions for assess and deal with the risks associated with the processes;

  • exploit and reinforce the identified opportunities.

qbrobotics promotes, at all levels, an adequate sense of proactivity in managing its risks.

Staff and stakeholders involvement

qbrobotics is aware that staff involvement and, more generally, of all stakeholders, combined with the active participation of all the employees, is a primary strategic element.
It promotes the development of internal professional skills and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to equip themselves with competent and motivated human resources.


qbrobotics’ permanent goal is the performance improvement of the QMS. The preliminary assessment of risks and opportunities connected to business processes, the verification of internal and external activities and the management review are the tools that qbrobotics uses for a continuous improvement.